Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Haul: River Island Black Tassel Buckle Cleated Sole Sandals

 Black Tassel Buckle Cleated Sole Sandals, £35 - River Island

I may of accidentally bought two new pairs of shoes this week. Both are black, have buckles and are River Island... I think I may have a problem! I noticed these pretty little things browsing in River Island's Oxford Circus store whilst waiting for Katie (Scarphelia) to touch down in London town so we could go to the In Love With Fashion Event. I promised myself I wouldn't spend a thing in London, as I was on my last £35 of the week. Obviously I disobeyed and snapped these little darlings up for the exact £35 I had left, whoops. It is coming into Sandal season so I guess I pretty much needed them, right?

Also, the fact one of the biggest trends for 2014 is Socks and Sandals (Tell my fifteen year old self that, I would've laughed straight into your face) I can see myself wearing these a heck of a lot, with my sock collection!

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